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Founded in 1979, Xylem Ltd processes bulk and bagged mulch, bark and decorative rock for distribution to the lawn and garden industry. Xylem is also a distributor of gardening soils and manures, ice melt products, rock salt, grass seed, and a wide variety of other specialized products.

Our staff is trained to help you with all aspects of your purchase. We are proud to be certified as marshalling yards both in Cordova, Moline, and Channahon for the USDA and ILDA, as well as Story City, Iowa, serving for the eradication of the Emerald Ash Borer. (visit here to learn more - http://www.illinoiseab.com/). 

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Corporate office 

Xylem Ltd works closely with the lumber industry and use only the wood from already felled trees. 

Superior product delivered in a timely fashion at a competitive price - that's the Xylem way! 

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Xylem, Ltd.
18715 Route 84 North
Cordova, IL 61242