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QC Mulch Depot Carries Bulk Products Only.For a wider product variety inbulk, supersacked or bagged, please visit our Cordova yard or call 309-654-2261 for more information. Check out all our available prodcuts here!

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Xylem, Ltd / QC Mulch Depot

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XylemMat(r) Playground Mulch

Play it Safe With XylemMat!

XylemMat is a playground surface covering manufactured and processed exclusively by Xylem, Ltd. to meet the most a recent ADA Standard guidelines. XylemMat has been certified by an independent lab and meets or exceeds the ASTM testing requirements when it is used as recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product SafetyCommission for playground surfaces.The average size of the playground woodchip is not in excess of 3" in length and " " in thickness. XylemMat is 95% free of bark, twigs and leaves. There are no chemical treatments, additives, waste woods, or recycled palletsused in order to decrease the possibilityof contamination and the risk of poor surface stability.

Red, Brown, Gold or Black dyed mulch.

Premium Hardwood
(Our most popular mulch!)

Red Cedar
Red Cedar - Available in bulk or 3.5 cy Bale


4"-8" Granite Boulders

8"-12" Granite Boulders

Dyed Mulch
American Heritage

Granite Boulders