Livestock Bedding



Golden Valley specializes in livestock bedding, whether it is bulk bedding for your barn or bagged shavings for the Fair; Golden Valley has a product your needs. 

Golden Valleys' livestock mix is a blend of shavings and our own ground wood providing a soft, absorbent and cost effective bedding material. Call today for delivered pricing or visit our facility in Randall and have your wagon loaded by our friendly staff.


Golden Valley offers several bagged bedding options for your specific needs:

Small Flake - Fine pine shaving, highly absorbent
Medium Flake - Quarter sized shavings with fines
Stall Pro - Pine Wood Pellets for bedding or burning in wood stoves

 Tip: For maximum absorbency, blend Stall Pro and baled shavings!


Semi or straight truck available!  Delivery options to fit your needs!